Workshop Thinking to learn in Barcelona


3 April 2020

Interview with Robert Swartz and David Perkins

In November 2017 Robert Swartz and David Perkins came to Barcelona to give the workshop Thinking to learn. Bob and David are promoters of the ICOT (*) since its inception and have dedicated their entire lives to promoting thought as a basic pedagogical tool. The workshop Thinking to learn is the fruit of their shared experience and its aim is to train teachers to use thought to help their students learn more and better.

In the following interview, Bob and David explain what they will do to develop their thinking and why they consider it so important.


*ICOT The International Conference on Thinking is the indispensable event for leaders in education, business, health, civil society and sport. Experts and professionals in learning, neuroscience and cognitive development will share their latest research and give practical recommendations for a multidisciplinary application. The purpose of this conference is to make the world more reflective. – Arthur L. Costa, Professor Emeritus, California State University, Sacramento

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