Impuls videos 

Interview with Guy Claxton about educational transformation

Interview with Doug Lemov about teacher training

Interview with Miquel Àngel Prats about teacher digital competence

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Diàlegs magazine: Teachers with impact effect

Tribute to Robert Swartz

TEDIS 2023 school speech tournament

Diàlegs magazine: Educating in the age of innovation

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Readers in the 21st century

TEDIS 2022 online school speech tournament promotional video

The curriculum from a personalisation perspective. 5 expert voices

Interview with Andreas Schleicher on the quality of education systems

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Cooperación Internacional. Educating for social engagement today

Presentation of the Delphi Report on Critical Thinking and Creativity

Roundtable on Critical Thinking and Creativity

Tedis 2021 school speech competition awards ceremony

Interview with Cristina Aleixendri on successful women in science and technology

Interview with Richard Gerver about his book, A Manifesto for Change

Interview with Coral Regí on evaluation as a learning tool

Interview with Miquel Rossy on the importance of teachers’ personal branding

Tedis 2020 school speech competition awards ceremony

Presentation of the Delphi Report on Personalisation Education

Roundtable on Personalisation Education

Interview with Robert Swartz on Thinking to Learn