Essential documents on education today

Gender, Education and Skills
Author: OECD, 2023
Summary: The 2023 gender, education and skills report on the persistence of gender gaps in education and skills presents fresh insights on progress towards gender equality in education.
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PISA 2018
Author: OECD, 2021
Summary: Report on the study that added a growth mindset instrument to assess students’ beliefs about their intelligence. The aim was to analyse the relationship between growth mindset and students’ academic performance, attitudes and well-being, as well as a teaching practice and the school environment.
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OECD work on education & skills
Author: OCDE, 2019
Summary: Societies and economies face major challenges, such as meeting development goals or sustainable growth. sustainable growth. Education is a fundamental part of the response to these challenges.
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Learning Compass 2030
Author: OECD, 2019
Summary: This project is an evolutionary learning process that establishes a framework of aspirations and vision for the future of education. It supports the broader aims of education and looks to the future for individual and collective well-being.
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Digital intelligence
Author: DQ Institute
Summary: Common framework for digital literacy, skills and preparedness. It is based on a methodology that integrates the methodologies of international organisations, universities and corporations with proprietary analysis.
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Educational Technology Observatory
Author: INTEF (National Institute of Educational Technologies and Teacher Training)
Summary: A place to promote methodological change in the classroom. Promotion of collaboration, learning spaces, the development of skills for the 21st century and digital competence.
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TALIS. Teachers and schools leaders as lifelong learners
Author: OECD, 2018
Summary: Orientations to help teachers improve their knowledge and skills.
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Rethinking education. Towards a global common good?
Author: UNESCO, 2015
Summary: A vision of education as an essential common good. In the knowledge society, there is no more powerful transforming force than education. We need to think big again and imagine education in a changing world.
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Personalized Learning
Author: UNESCO, 2017
Summary: All over the world, technology allows educational institutions to design customisable learning paths for students and feedback cycles with personalised learning paths for students and feedback loops with enriched data for teachers. teachers.
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A journey to 21st century education
Author: Alfredo Hernando, 2014
Summary: Most innovative trends around the world. The reader can follow the path of innovation through 80 concrete actions that can be applied to their own environment.
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The Nature of Learning. Research to inspire practice.
Author: OCDE, 2010
Summary: Project “Innovative Learning Environments”. How can learning sciences contribute to the design of 21st century learning environments?
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Learning: Thea treasure within
Author: Jacques Delors, 1996
Summary: It values the role of education as an instrument for humanity to progress towards ideals of peace, freedom, and social justice.
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