The curriculum from a personalisation perspective


22 November 2021

5 expert voices talk to us about the personalised competency curriculum: César Coll, Neus Sanmartí, Paulina Bánfalvi, Coral Regí and Antonio Bernal

By Maria Font

Roundtable speakers at the launch of the Delphi report on Personalisation:

César Coll

PhD in Psychology. Professor of Developmental and Educational Psychology at the University of Barcelona.

His research focuses on the analysis of interaction processes in educational situations and the evaluation of school learning and the uses of ICT technologies in education.

Author of books like Personalización del aprendizaje escolar of the Grao publishing house and Desarrollo psicológico y educación of the Alianza Editorial publishing house.

Neus Sanmartí

Professor Emeritus of Science Didactics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Expert in curriculum development and assessment, the language concerning scientific learning and environmental education, among others.

Author of books like Avaluar i aprendre: un únic procés of the Octaedro publishing house or 10 Ideas Clave. Evaluar para aprender of the Grao publishing house, among others.

Paulina Bánfalvi

Expert in high skills and talent development. Trainer in personalised learning, creativity, critical thinking and talent development

Her lines of research focus on multilevel and creative learning strategies for personal and talent development.

Author of La Rebelión del Talento the Ajibe publishing house and founder of the blog AACC la rebelión del talento.

Coral Regí

Biologist and educator by vocation. She is the director of the Escola Virolai.

She specialises in educational innovation and quality, management and leadership, values education, education of resilient young people, coherence between family and school, among others.

She has written articles on leadership, professional evaluation and pedagogical and educational quality processes.

Antonio Bernal

PhD in Philosophy and Educational Sciences. Professor at the University of Seville in Theory and History of Education and Social Pedagogy.

His research focuses on issues related to educational theory and philosophy, educational personalisation, identity formation and entrepreneurial education.

Author of books Educación Emprendedora o Formación continua, both from the publishing house Síntesis.


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