Critical thinking and creativity. Two key lessons for the knowledge society in the age of innovation


26 March 2021

Did you know that critical thinking and creativity are keys in education for the age of innovation?

Why is it necessary to educate in critical thinking and creativity?
What do we mean by critical thinking, how does it relate to creative thinking?
How can we effectively integrate critical thinking into the school curriculum?
What do the world’s leading experts think?

To answer these and other questions, Impuls Educació has organized a Delphi Panel of experts, in which the following academics, researchers and educational innovation consultants have participated:

During the Delphi, the 24 experts answered the initial questions and after several rounds a consensus was reached. The final report of the research includes the whole process, the conclusions reached and puts forward some proposals for the future. To summarise the most important consensus ideas, an infographic has been designed to reflect the outcome of the study.

The following two videos you can watch, on the one hand, the presentation of the experts and the final report; and, on the other hand, the roundtable with César Coll (school curriculum advisor), Meritxell Ruiz (former Catalan Minister of Education) and Anna Sardà (head of the Science Department of the Collserola Foundation).


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