Personalization, a model for quality education in the 21st century

Several experts from around the world have participated in the Delphi report Personalization, a Model for Quality Education in the 21st Century. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Institució Familiar d’Educació and given the importance of personalization in education today, Impuls Educació has produced a Delphi report on Personalized Education. A Delphi is a consultation with a group of experts on a topic in order to reach some consensus ideas.

Top level experts from all over the world have participated in this Delphi: Coral Regí, Kathleen McClaskey, Barbara Bray, Richard Gerver, Paulina Bánfalvi, John Moravec, César Coll, Neus Sanmartí, José Bernardo, Antonio Bernal, Juan Ignacio Pozo, Francesc Torralba, Javier Tourón and Arturo Galán. The results are very interesting, since they give keys to put into practice a quality model for our educational system.


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