Delphi study on technology and educational quality


5 May 2022

Educational technology, a key tool for a quality school in the digital area

Artificial intelligence, Big Data, IoT, ChatBot, blockchain, the internet of things, 3D printing, augmented reality and virtual reality are just some of the technological advances of the 21st century. Technology is evolving at a dizzying pace, invading all areas of our lives, including education.

What role does technology play in quality educational transformation?
What digital skills do citizens, teachers and schools need?
What are the keys to effective integration of technology in schools?

To answer these and other questions, Impuls Educació has carried out a Delphi study in which 24 experts in Educational Technology participated. Each from their own perspective, whether pedagogical or technological, teaching or academic, has contributed to achieving a clear and precise consensus on many of the issues raised and to opening up new horizons in the school of the digital era.

The presentation of the conclusions of this very current and necessary study, will take place on Wednesday 18 May 2022 at 18 P.M. in the auditorium of the Casal Mira-sol in Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona).

justicia y equidad
Presentation of the study “Technology and Educational Quality”
Wednesday 18 May 2022
at 6 P.M. at the Casal de Mira-sol, Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)

Programme details

The event will consist of:
  • Study presentation
  • experts roundtable
  • Cocktail

The roundtable moderated by José Manuel López, expert in educational technology and director of the ICT department of Institució Familiar d’Educació, will be composed by:

  • Miquel Àngel Prats Fernández. Teacher and PhD in pedagogy (URL). Expert in leadership in educational innovation with ICT support and digital competence. Author of “Viure en digital: Com eduquem per al món d’avui”.
  • Joan Antón Sánchez Valero. PhD in pedagogy and coordinator of the master’s degree in Teaching and Learning Environments with Digital Technologies (UB). Expert in educational technology and digital competence. Co-author of “Aula virtual o cómo plantear las clases a distancia y no morir en el intento”.
  • Josep Maria Silva GalánTeacher in the Department of Applied Pedagogy (UAB), Educational Technology area. Coordinator of Educational Services – ICT Area Manager, at the Department of Education.

Attendees will be able to ask questions to the roundtable experts, either in person or through the YouTube chat on our Impuls Educació channel.

At the presentation, the report will be handed out on paper and can be downloaded in digital format from our website.

Soon, the report will be available in online format for download

Sign up

You can attend in person or online through the Youtube channel Impuls Educació (Limited places).

Register here

Expert participants

  • Manuel Area Moreira (UL)
  • Jesús Acevedo Borrega (UEx)
  • Maria José Amador (Blog)
  • Teia Baus Roser (Les Alzines)
  • Domingo Chica Pardo (Blog)
  • Vanessa Esteve González (URV)
  • Pablo Fernández Arias (UCAV)
  • Maria Rosa Fernández Sánchez (UEx)
  • María del Rosario Freixas Flores (UNAM, México)
  • Juan Luis Fuentes Gómez-Calcerrada (UCM)
  • Alberto González Fernández (UEx)
  • Juan Francisco Hernández Rodríguez (Blog)
  • Susan Holmes (Nehru World School, India)
  • Pere Marqués Graells (UAB, Web)
  • Judith Martín Lucas (USAL)
  • Belen Palop del Río (UVA)
  • Miquel Àngel Prats Fernández (URL)
  • Inmaculada Pérez Prieto (Blog)
  • Francisco José Recio Muñoz (VIU)
  • Susana Regina López (UNQ, Argentina)
  • Joan Anton Sánchez Valero (UB)
  • Ángel Sobrino Morrás (UNAV)
  • Jesús Valverde Berrocoso (UEx)
  • Diego Vergara Rodríguez (UCAV)

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